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Yerington, NV 89447
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Ticket support


Justin Aguilar
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Jamie Cummins
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Emily Steepleton
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Christina Hurt
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For sixteen years we have been growing and perfecting our music festival into a weekend of great country music, quality merchandise from diverse vendors, unique festival attractions and a wide variety of eats, sweets and drinks. We promote the event as the hottest ticket in the region – a “must-see” in Nevada. The campaign achieves high visibility on the local and regional level, while also targeting out-of-market visitors. Night in the Country draws visitors from across the nation and each year our attendance numbers dwarf that of the previous. For our 16th year, NITC is gearing up to entertain over 15,000. We invite you to be a part of this incredible weekend.

We are happy to tailor sponsorship packages, advertising concepts and activities/specialty booths to suit your needs as long as they work within our overall festival theme. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can provide an idea specific to you.



Interested in becoming a volunteer? Sign up today!

One of the reasons Night in the Country is a successful event is due to our many volunteers who donate their weekend to ensure our patrons have a great time. Last year we had over 400 people donate their time and energy to help put on an amazing show for Night in the Country.

Night in the Country is able to offer our volunteers a chance to participate in the Give & Get Program.  This program was founded in 2013 and serves a unique purpose for non-profit organizations.  With this program each volunteer will be able to work for an hourly rate ranging from $8-$12.  This will then be donated by Night in the Country to each volunteer’s chosen non-profit organization.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are required to complete an online application form, pass a background check, and complete the online training. The age requirement for volunteers is 18. Applications will only be accepted through June 30, 2017.

Dates and Times of Service

Volunteer work various schedules depending on their specific duties and responsibilities. Most shifts occur the weekend of the event; however, some will begin work a week or two before the event and some will work after the event. While some volunteers work many more hours, we ask that volunteers work 12 hours in order to receive full volunteer benefits. Your work dates and time schedule will be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator via email once you have been approved.


Your Reward

For donating your time and energy you will be provided all returning volunteers with a 2-day general admission ticket for the Night in the Country Music Festival. This ticket wristband allows entry into the venue for the weekend.  Along with the 2-day pass you will be provided with one free volunteer shirt.  This shirt must be worn as a uniform and ONLY during your shift.  We also have available meals and refreshments during your working shift, if applicable. Limited Volunteer Camping is available at a discounted price.

**Volunteer packets, tickets, and shirts will be issued at the volunteer center when you arrive on-site for your job shift and ONLY to those who have passed in the online training program. **

Training links will be sent to your email once approved and accepted into the program. All trainings MUST be completed by July 7, 2017 in order to confirm your NITC volunteer job position.  If the training is not completed you will NOT be guaranteed a position.  Your job placement and shift times will be sent out for your review and acceptance after the training is complete.  The acceptance of your position needs to be completed before July 21, 2017.

**Parking passes are NOT covered with this volunteer program.  Please check our website for pricing information. **

After the music festival, an appreciation event will be held to recognize all volunteers who have participated in this year’s event. The Give & Get check presentations for the non-profit organizations chosen by the volunteers will be presented.  This year the event will be held August 26, 2017.


Christina Hurt
Phone: 775-463-2334

Emily Steepleton
Phone: 775-463-2334


Night in the Country greatly appreciates your interest in the volunteer program, and we look forward to another great year!

staff-picture volunteer

Job discriptions



Night in the Country Music Festival appreciates all donations from the community. We greatly appreciate your generous support!
If you wish to make a donation or have questions, please contact Christina Hurt at or by phone 775-463-2334.


Night in the Country proudly donates to many non-profit organizations. Please submit a donation request letter explaining what the cause is for, date of the event, how the donation will be used and the date the donation is needed to Jamie at or by phone 775-463-5114.



Interested in becoming a vendor at Night in the Country? Please click here.

Dates to Remember

June 26, 2017: Vendor application is due with 100% of fees and insurance certificates.  If Night in the Country doesn’t receive all requested documentation and fees by this date your application will be denied.

July 26, 2017: Check into the venue between 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

July 27- July 29 2017: Night in the Country event

NEW for 2017 Vending Location

Night in the Country offers one vending location located on the East side of our Venue.  This new vending location will be able to serve patrons who come in from the campgrounds as well as patrons within the venue.

Operational Hours

On event days, vendors are expected to be open staffed and ready for business with the posted hours below.   These hours our posted for our patrons and we want to ensure they have every opportunity to experience your booth.  Closing early is not permitted and if your booth is found un-staffed, it will be grounds for dismissal.

There will be a one hour time frame where we will shut down the vending area in order to reconfigure access for the patrons.

Night in the Country offers our patrons an after party with our second stage the Full Moon Saloon.  This area is open from 11 PM to 3 AM.  We encourage our vendors to stay open till 3 AM when the Full Moon Saloon Stage closes.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Friday, July 28, 2017

  • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Saturday, July 29, 2017

  • 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Food Vendor

  • 10×10: $250 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
  • 30×10: $350 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit (only availabe for food trucks)
  • 20×20: $450 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit

Merchant Vendor

  • 10×10: $700 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
  • 20×20: $1000 plus $100 cleaning and damage deposit
Scrip Ticket Information for all Food Vendors

All food vendors will be required to accept scrip tickets ONLY.  No cash, check or charge can be accepted.  Night in the Country will retain 25% of all sales and the remaining 75% will be sent to you within 15 business days.  If you are found to be collecting cash Night in the Country will ask you to close down your booth.


Each vendor will be able to purchase ONE campsite for $50 in designated area


All vendors will be required to provide their own power.  If you need power to your vendor space please contact Amerigen Power Solutions.  You will be charged an additional fee from Amerigen.   They can be reached at 775-453-1048.


All vendors will be required to provide their own tents.  If you need to rent a tent please contact Camelot Party Rentals.  You will be charged an additional fee from Camelot Party Rentals.  All rentals need to into Camelot by June 26th in order to guarantee your order.  The contact person is Michael at


Each vendor will be provided TWO vendor parking passes

Each vendor will only receive up to FIVE vendor wristbands

  • Additional employees will need to purchase additional vendor wristbands for $20.00 each. There will be a limit of FIVE additional wristbands sold to each vendor.
Insurance Requirements

Certificate of Insurance

  • $1,000,000 insurance coverage listing Night in the Country, LLC as additionally insurance
  • Product Liability $1,000,000
  • Workers Compensation $1,000,000
  • Must be submitted before June 26, 2017
Health Permit

All vendors must adhere to all Health and Fire Department regulations.  If not, the vendor booth will close its operation and all fees with be forfeited to Night in the Country.

  • Temporary events must operate in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 446.
  • A permit to operate a temporary food establishment is valid for 14 days at one location.
  • Application must be filled out online
Vendor Requirements

Each vendor must submit a complete menu and/or product list with prices of items to be marketed at the festival.  NITC reserves the right of approval for items to be sold and the specific price to be charged for each item in order to ensure value and consistency.

  • Once a menu has been submitted, any changes to the menu must be preapproved by the Night in the Country Committee before the event weekend.
  • You must provide a Menu Board that has all prices that include sales tax and be visible at all times during business hours. You are only approved to sell the products listed within your contract.
Fire Safety Requirement

Each vendor will be required to have within the booth space a minimum of a state certified 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher.  If the vendor is doing any deep fat frying of foods the vendor needs to have within the booth space a state certified type K fire extinguisher.


Vendors are not allowed to sell, give away or consume alcoholic beverages while working their booth. If you are found operating your booth space while consuming alcohol or while intoxicated is grounds for immediate dismissal and security deposit forfeited.

Pepsi Product Required for all Food Vendors

Food Vendors are required to purchase all Pepsi products on site.  We sell 20 OZ bottles of:

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Sierra Mist
  • Aquafina

You must visit the South Will Call booth to place your order with our Vendor manager.

  • All sales are final
Clean Up and Reorganization

There will be one entrance for Vendors to use to clean up and reorganization there booths.  There will be a one hour closer on Friday and Saturday from 2 PM to 3 PM for vendor to re-organize and restock there booths.  This must be completed with dollies and carts.

  • No vehicles will be allowed access in the vending area. You are required to use carts or dollies for re-stocking supplies to your booth.
  • Parking of one service vehicle will be allowed in a designated area with a proper parking pass.
  • Removal of your booth and its contents must be completed no later than Sunday, July 30, 2017.
  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of your vending location during the festival and following the end of the festival. If your vending site is found with items or trash remaining your security deposit will be forfeited.



At Night in the Country we welcome a variety of vendors that can provide options for our patrons to enjoy over the weekend.  We carefully review items and pricing when selecting our vendors and keep our patron demographics and size of attendance in mind when selecting invited participants.


If you are approved, you will receive an email confirmation along with more information about our event.


Night in the Country reserves the right to revoke the camping and/or concert tickets of any individual and to further remove any person from the NITC venue and campgrounds in its sole and absolute discretion if it determines that such revocation and/or removal is in the best interest of the general public, concert attendees, campers, the individual involved, and/or Night in the Country and/or its staff. Night in the Country reserves the right to add or amend any rules and regulations at any time.

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The Basics


We’ve held our festival away from the big city lights for over 15 years, out in the quiet farming town of Yerington, Nevada. It makes the perfect spot for 3 days of camping, music and great times. That’s part of what makes Night in the Country Nevada’s Legendary Country music festival.


Download the 2017 venue map here.

Directions from Reno:
Get on I-80 E
Follow I-80 E to I-80BUS E in Fernley. Take exit 46 from I-80 E.
Drive to US-95 ALT S
Follow signs for event entry

Directions from Sacramento:
Get on CA-99S/I-305 E/I-80BL E/US-50 E
Continue on US-50 E. Take US-395 S to NV-208 E in Douglas County
Follow NV-208 E and NV-339 N to US-95 ALT S in Lyon County
Follow signs for event entry

Directions from San Francisco:
Get on I-80 E
Continue on I-80, US-50 E and US-395 S to NV-208 E in Douglas County
Follow NV-208 E and NV-339 N to US-95 ALT S in Lyon County
Follow signs for event entry

Directions from Las Vegas:
Get on I-515 N/US-93 N/US-95 N
Follow US-95 N to US-95 ALT N/Yerington Cutoff in Schurz
Turn left onto US-95 ALT N/Yerington Cutoff
Continue to follow US-95 ALT N
Follow signs for event entry

Lyon County Fairgrounds
100 Hwy 95A South
Yerington, Nevada 89447


Thursday, July 27, 2017 – Saturday, July 29, 2017


Wednesday Camping – Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Gates open at 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM
Only available to patrons who have prepaid or pre-registered with NITC. Not available for onsite sales.

Thursday Camping July 27, 2017
Gates open at 8:00 AM until 12:00 AM
All campers must arrive before 12 AM to enter.

Friday Camping July 28, 2017
Gates open at 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Saturday Camping July 29, 2017
Gates open at 8 AM until 7:00 PM

Friday July 28, 2017
Gates open at – 3:00 PM
Show starts at – 3:30 PM (Show times are approximate and subject to change)

Saturday July 29, 2017
Gates open at – 3:00 PM
Show starts at – 3:30 PM (Show times are approximate and subject to change)