Congratulations! You have been accepted in the 2014 Night in the Country Volunteer Program. It’s because of willing volunteers such as yourself that continues to make Night in the Country a success, which ultimately benefits the Boys & Girls Club of Mason Valley Programs.

What’s my job? What Time do I work?

  • Each volunteer will receive their volunteer job duty assignments ie your “volunteer itinerary” via email (hard copies will be sent to those without an email account).
  • Volunteer itineraries will be sent out during the month of July and ONLY to those who have completed this online training and passed the 10 question quiz verifying that the training was complete.
  • You will be asked to send in an acceptable and acknowledgment of your itinerary. In time conflicts can be resolved at that time.

What Do You Get?

  • 2 Day Festival Volunteer Credential to be used on and off shifts. This must be worn at all times and will be used for check in and out at during each shift. Volunteers may also use the credential to enjoy the enter the concert when off shift.
  • Each volunteer will work for an hourly rate that will be donated to a charity of non-profit of your choosing. (this will NOT be paid to you directly)
  • Volunteer Shirt (to be worn during shift hours only and is yours to keep)
  • Name Badge
  • Meals/snacks throughout your working shift provided. The Volunteer Center will be stocked with meals/snacks throughout the event. Volunteers will also get 2 tickets per day during working shifts only, to use at the Pioneer Crossings vending booths.
  • Designated camping area – if needed and must notify NITC prior to the event.

What do I need? What is my Job and Shift?

  • Bring appropriate shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • ID’s if needed
  • Chairs (where appropriate)
  • Hats

First Steps … at the Festival

  • Head to the Volunteer Center to claim your credentials and sign in
  • Review the map and tour festival grounds – keep in mind that there is walking involved to working shift areas. Shuttle rides to some destinations may or may not be available throughout the event, so always come prepared to walk, if needed.
  • Read through the Survival Guide
  • Ask any remaining questions you may have before your shift.

Rules and Expectations

  • Review ALL NITC event rules and Laws of the Land. These can be found online at
  • Arrive on time for your entire scheduled shift.
  • Sign in and out during each shift at the Volunteer Center or Activation Point. This will be how we track your working hours on site. (Hard copy sign in sheets will be available during the weeks before and after the event, if needed)
  • Parking is NOT included- You may purchase your parking pass online or on site
  • Be flexible
  • Breaks – These may or may not be scheduled HOWEVER if you need to stop and take a break please alert your lead volunteer as needed.
  • Please report underage drinking!
  • During your working shift hours you must wear your shirt, name badge, and Volunteer Credential.
  • Incident or Injury Report- If you get hurt will volunteering or have any incident needing to report, forms will be available in the Volunteer Center. This MUST be filled out, especially if hurt for liability reasons and insurance purposes.
  • Refrain from drinking while on a working shift
  • Maintain appropriate behavior

Who do I call?

  • Contact list

On Site Training

  1. Several areas will require an on the site training to review and prepare for upcoming shifts.
  2. Shift times will be included in your itinerary along with a contact person who will be leading the training
  3. The following areas will have on site trainings: camp check in, bar areas, ticket gates, information/will call, access control

RFID Video or Explanation of how it works.

Maps and Additional Info

  • *point out important areas.

Appreciations Event

  • You and your family are invited to a relaxing Appreciation Event at the BGC/Rocket Park in Yerington, NV on August 9th, 2014 from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Come enjoy lunch on us, music, and good company!
  • The Give and Get check presentation will take place at this event. Enjoy seeing how all your hard work not only helped the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley but also other local non-profit organizations.
  • Please RSVP to Christina Hurt at 775-463-2334 no later than August 5th, 2014.