"give and get" program

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is preparing for the 12th Annual Night in the Country this summer and we would like to introduce this fantastic opportunity for 2013!

As most of us realize Night in the Country has become a very large event that has required the Boys & Girls Club to rely on various service clubs and organizations in the past to help with various parts of our event.  Ex: Beverages, Parking, Security, Bag Checks, ID Checks etc.  Unfortunately there are countless Service Clubs and Community Based Organizations who have continuously asked to be a part of this event and we are happy to announce this new venture!  

The “Give & Get” program is exactly that, individuals who fill out a volunteer form and designate their respective cause or causes will be given the opportunity to give of their time to the Night in the Country Music Festival In return for the time spent volunteering at the event, the Boys & Girls Club will make a donation back to their cause(s) in the volunteers name.

Rules are simple; the respective cause must be a certified Non-Profit entity in good standing and must be providing service in Lyon County.  Volunteers must fill out their volunteer form, successfully perform a background check and attend the mandatory volunteer training provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

In appreciation of the service provided, volunteers will receive a shirt, meals and a weekend concert general admission ticket! Minimum 8 hours must be met prior to receiving the ticket!  

Proposed rate of giving going to the respective non-profits ranges from $8.00 per hour to $12.00 based on task.  For Example: 12 Volunteers volunteered 8 hours and pledged their time to “Through a Childs Eyes Foundation” the Foundation, based on the tasks performed by volunteers, would receive between $768.00 to $1,152 in the name of the volunteers who worked!

There is a limited amount of Volunteer slots available and they are on a first come first serve basis.

Click here to volunteer today!