Getting Your Passes

The Delivery

Rest easy friends!  All Passes will be mailed out June 14 to the address you provided when you made your purchase.  Once the passes are mailed,  each buyer will be emailed their own UPS tracking number and link.  Open up that link and follow your passes as they are delivered to your doorstep. Kinda like following santa on google Christmas Eve.

Wristband Activation Information

Important wristband activation information will be included in the packet, along with the passes you receive in the mail. Those instructions will also be available on this page June 14th.

Personalize your festival wristband by registering the Unique ID number located on the underside of the RFID badge! Make your festival experience even more memorable when registering to receive enhanced customer service and chances to win special festival prizes!

Step by Step Instructions:

Coming June 14th

PLEASE NOTE: Only one (1) email address OR one (1) Facebook account can be attached to each wristband. You cannot register multiple wristbands with one (1) email address or one (1) Facebook account.