Full Moon Saloon - Aftermath


Ya’ll asked for it, and we’re here to deliver. In 2018, the Full Moon Saloon will transform into your outdoor state-of-the-art night life festival experience. We’re bringing in award-winning Amplified Entertainment to create an extraordinary atmosphere. Laser lights and fog will fill the night air. The versatile Amplified DJ’s will turn hit after hit , rocking the crowd like none other! The sound system will pulse across the dance floor and into your boots. A massive LED wall will tower over the venue. GoGo dancers will take over the stage. The high energy will be infectious.

This isn’t just a bar. This is a nightclub in the middle of Nevada farmland. This is the Aftermath. Get ready to turn up the night.

Full Moon Saloon Hours

Thursday:  7pm to 3am
Friday: 11pm to 3am
Saturday: 11pm to 3am

Must have a General Admission ticket or above
to access the Full Moon Saloon.  Must be 18 or older to access the Full Moon Saloon.